About Us

About Us

Thorsten Engel – founder and CEO of MATRIX-Computer GmbH and Upline GmbH - started his career at the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and working for Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, a renowned German physicist and philosopher. There, he started developing simulation software and administered computer applications although he was still attending secondary school.

In 1989, when he was just 18, Thorsten Engel founded the company MATRIX-Computer on a shoestring budget. At that time, MATRIX-Computer focused almost entirely on hardware and software sales. Outstanding customer service was its greatest competitive advantage.

Due to strong customer demand, the business expanded in 1990 and started developing custom software. This decision would become the key to future success.

Ever since 1992, MATRIX-Computer has been successfully providing direct selling and MLM companies with the company software Upline.

Every new employee has widened the company's knowledge portfolio which forms the foundation of the core business. Today, around 20 employees are ceaselessly striving to enhance your business success.

In order to have a separate avenue attending directly to the specific needs of direct selling companies, a separate entity, Upline GmbH, was founded in 2007 and spun off from the primary company.

From then onwards, Upline GmbH has been directly responsible for the sales and development of the software Upline which focuses on software solutions for national and international network marketing and direct selling companies; Upline GmbH keeps in close cooperation with MATRIX-Computer GmbH.

Figures and facts at a glance

  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Employees: around 20
  • Core competences: direct selling, multi level marketing, network marketing
  • CEO: Thorsten Engel (university diploma in computer sciences)