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Emmi-Ultrasonic counts on Upline

Mörfelden-Walldorf / Munich, November 2013



Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH – a subsidiary of EMAG AG - is a leading provider of ultrasonic dental cleaning products and oral hygiene products using its patented "real" ultrasonic technology.

The company has been in B2C andMulti-Level-Marketing since 2011.

To keep up with its swift growth, the company's former MLM software had to be replaced by Upline as the old software was not able to cope with the demands of a rapidly growing network of distribution partners. The company also required a software solution suitable for their intended international activities in network marketing.



The company was looking for a new network marketing software offering more transparency to the general and sales management as well as the network's distribution partners. Account settlement needed to be prompt, completely transparent and fully automated.

Further, Upline should be implemented as an independent system indepedent of any third party systems; however, the company would nevertheless like to integrate the parent company's inventory management system and cost accounting department via interfaces to relieve these departments.

The websites from the previous provider will be shut down. New ones will be centrally managed by Upline. The group's corporate design will finally be implemented uniformly and distribution partner data taken over from the previous system.


The solution: Upline Startup Professional and Upline Individual

Upline's has practical knowledge of the direct selling and MLM sector and benefits from a multitude of reference software transition projects. Upline's central business software and the plausible solution offered further convinces the customer.

Upline can be adapted to Emmi-Club's business requirements swiftly and easily. We manage to successfully complete the project in just 5 months.

The choice of Upline over competing software providers was based on several parameters: Upline's unlimited scalability was a great asset with respect to the company's plans for international development. The friendly and competent manner of Upline's staff was the other decisive factor in favor of Upline GmbH.



Since November 2013, Emmi-Ultrasonic GmbH has been using the complete Upline functions without a single problem. Since then, the number of distribution partners has almost doubled. This has had no effect on Upline's stability and performance.

The software is not only used by the direct selling division of Emmi-Club, but also by the company's management, finance department and warehouse.