Upline® Marketing

You are planning or already implementing marketing measures to invite and bind new customers, distributors and party hosts as well as to promote sales?

Upline supports your employees by providing them with the relevant modules.

Lead Administration

The module Lead Administration places contact forms for different purposes on the web. Lead Administration allows your employees to access and handle these leads and to forward them to your distribution partners. If you do not want to burden your employees with this task, the forwarding to your distribution partners can be automated. We will define rules and standards for the forwarding process according to your specifications.

Event Calendar

The module Event Calendar allows you to plan events of your company and your distribution partners, even for specific target groups - an ideal tool to establish lasting relationships with distribution partners and customers.

Incentive Configurator

You are planning or already using incentives for your distribution partners? The Incentive Configurator allows you to set up your own incentives which will be available to your distribution partners in the Partner Backoffice. In this module you define which targets your distribution partners have to achieve to participate and win an incentive.