Upline Partner Backoffice

upline-partner-backofficeUpline Partner Backoffice

The Partner Backoffice is what your distribution partners work with.

One possible format for the website is https://partner.firmenname.com. It contains the largest and most powerful part of your website – encrypted and of course password protected.

It includes all tools your resellers need for their daily business in bundled form:

functions such as administration of distribution partners, statistics, commissions claims and statements, an archive for commissions payouts and invoices, news, downloads and many other functions. Of course your distribution partners can place orders here - each according to their individual terms.

The key factors in short:

  • Order entry 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Almost. At the moment of qualification evaluation, the option of entering orders is interrupted automatically for a few minutes, e.g. after the last day of the month. However, this is only necessary if your compensation plan includes qualification-related discounts.

  • Subscription of new distribution partners, customers and proseptive distribution partners
  • Hierarchical statistics of the entire downline sales
  • Download area for your forms
  • marketing material or any other kind of digital documents you want to make available to your distribution partners

  • Display and printout of commissions documentation, invoicing and order data

Other possible options:

  • Distribution partners can enter orders for other distribution partners
  • Download of structural data in pdf or Excel format or download of Outlook business cards
  • Receipt of leads from interested parties - new clients, new distribution partners or home party hosts
  • Central planning and administration of home parties