MLM Compensation plan

MLM Compensation plan

Your compensation plan is the unique selling point for your company in direct selling or network marketing.

Upline does not provide a special plan. We use your compensation plan as a script for all qualification and compensation processes.

You have total freedom of defining your company's compensation plan with all its distinctive features and product specific characteristics and are not bound by regulations or restrictions on part of the software.

Whatever you plan to use or are already using successfully - we will implement it for you in Upline. Your company is deciding what your qualification and compensation processes will be!

  • Unilevel plan
  • Variance compensation plan
  • Stair step breakaway plan
  • Partyplan
  • Single level career plan
  • Hybrid marketing Plan
  • Binary marketing plan
  • Matrix career plan
  • Bonuses
  • (fast start bonus, generation bonus, car bonus, infinity bonus, override bonus, etc etc)

  • Debited sales
  • Compression
  • Roll-Up
  • Optimistic / Pessimistic

…always adapted to your individual needs – and of course in all possible combinations!