Upline operation and technology

Upline Betrieb und Technik

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upline is offered as SaaS. This means that you do not have to concern yourself with the operation of the application, server and entire IT environment.

We also take care of data backup which allows us to offer the necessary scalability even to businesses with a decentralized structure. Mobile access to the complete system is also possible.

You receive service from a single source! This means you do not waste precious time with coordinating technicians and other contacts outside your core competences. It allows you to concentrate entirely on your business.


An Upline installation with lots of websites and webshops is not in safe hands with a mere company network or a "mass-hosting" supplier. You require a better hosting environment to run it in a professional manner with high availability and high performance and protection against failures.

We cooperate with a well-established Munich hosting partner running a multitude of servers available for Upline customers.

The server farms are located in a high-security data processing centre in Munich which has been certified according to ISO 27001 by the TÜV (German technical supervisory agency).
(ISO/IEC 27001: Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – requirements).

A further security aspect is the use of database mirroring in different fire zones of the data processing centre. Backups are carried out daily "on-site" and "off-site".

The internet connection works across several internet backbones (multihoming) for an optimum load distribution and system stability as safeguard against failure.

After prior agreement you have the option of visiting the data processing center yourself.

Workplace connection

All components of the Upline architecture exchange their data via network connections. This ensures the operation and extension of your business applications across location and hardware boundaries.

While the application server and database server run on the powerful hardware of a TÜV (German technical supervisory association) certified high-security data processing center, commercial desktop PCs or notebooks and a standard internet connection are fully sufficient for the activities on your premises.

The decisive advantages for you:

  • Easy system extension - for new employees or extension of functions by modules
  • Very comfortable and fast operation
  • Structured browser display of your websites, the Partner Backoffice or the replicated webshops