Reports and Statistics

Reports and Statistics

Do you require specific indicators to monitor your company's development? Swiftly? In chart format?

Or would you just like to monitor the development of one specific product or specific product category? Upline provides numerous standard evaluations - at the push of a button. Another push of a button will enable you to work with these figures in Microsoft Excel™.

Should you require further statistics on top of the ones available, we will be happy to swiftly supply you with further data. During the installation of these extensions, your business operations will continue uninterrupted. You do not even have to shut down Upline and will be able to use the new function right after we communicate its release to you.

Your reporting contains detailed evaluations and reports apart from standard statistics? Your financial controlling works very well in a Microsoft Excel™ environment, but the associated export function does not suffice for an automated reporting system in a third party app?

Upline provides you with an ODBC databank driver. This allows you to export all statistical data in raw format.

List Generator
An integrated list generator is the practicle option to use for your daily business. Each list can be grouped, arranged, aggregated, filtered and of course also printed according to your wishes. Entries can be searched according to different criteria, selected automatically and easily exported for further processing in Microsoft Word™ or Microsoft Excel™.