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Upline Redesign User Interface

Munich, September 28, 2015 We are pleased to announce the availability of a thoroughly modernized Upline client. Not only new features were added, but also the visual appearance has been thoroughly revised. Please take a look at the attachment. The rollout will take place via the automatic update mechanisms from 10/12/2015.

Poodle – shutdown of SSL 3

Munich, 17 October 2014 About 3 days ago a new security hole in SSL protocol was discovered. It has been named "POODLE Attack (CVE-2014-3566)". We have already implemented a protection against his security hole on all our servers. However, this protection - based on deactivating protocol SSL v3, amongst other things - affects the compatibility…


Munich, 09 April 2014 Yesterday the media and in particular specialized press have started reporting extensively about the Heartbleed bug. This bug has been classified as severe because it makes it possible to extract data from computers using the normally protected SSL system for data transmission. Shortly after news about the bug had been released,…

Upline supports Forward Secrecy and SPDY

Munich, 19 July 2013 Over the last few weeks, we have been updating our reverse proxy infrastructure. This involves important advantages for Upline clients. Clients using modern browsers such as Chrome V27, Firefox V21, Internet Explorer 10, Safari iOS 6.01 and Safari V5.1.9 now have performance characteristics such as "Forward Secrecy" and "SPDY" available to…